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MAP – 21 Compliance for Freight Forwarders and Freight Brokers …

Start: 09/11/2013 10:00 am End: 09/11/2013 11:30 am Timezone: America/Chicago This webinar will discuss the impact of MAP-21 Regulation, how it differs from current law in terms of security, liability and viability of the  ... [...more]

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Choosing freight forwarder according to preference | Freight …

One of the prime considerations in selecting a Houston freight forwarder is the rate of service. In the field of business, it is such a major blunder to fritter resources for mediocre services, that is why it is important for every import  ... [...more]

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the Loadstar » Adapt or perish: Forwarders must move fast as the …

Until this year the academy didn't class forwarding companies as typical customers but recently I have been doing some research and came up with some pretty alarming facts when it comes to freight forwarders . 49% of the  ... [...more]

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Operations Coordinator — Project Freight Forwarder — All jobs …

Operations Coordinator - Project Freight Forwarder Western Australia (for residents) Great Location Market Leading Salary Great Team Culture One of Australia's leading Freight Forwarders they are currently working with  ... [...more]

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[FREIGHT FORWARDER] 20% off SSDs at Amazon – OzBargain …

Moved to Forum: Original Link. Up to 20% off SSDs at Amazon. Some example prices (in USD): 960GB $590. 750GB $527. 512GB $448. 500GB $340. 250GB $183. 120GB $100. Amazon  ... [...more]

Uncategorized Comments (0) | Freight Forwarding is Best Handled by a …

Blog post about how and why freight forwarding services are best handled by a logistics provider. See to learn more. [...more]

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Stop Losing Money To Freight Forwarders – Skylink's Blog

You have an urgent requirement for an over-sized shipment but from experience you know dealing with freight forwarders is a pain. [...more]

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Freight Forwarding Fraud Shut Down – The Truckers Report

A couple in Biloxi, Mississippi have pled guilty to their roles in a freight forwarding scheme that stole money from customers, carriers, and drivers. According to court documents, the scheme was in operation from March  ... [...more]

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How Pick the Right Cargo Forwarder – What to Keep In Mind …

How Pick the Right Cargo Forwarder - What to Keep In Mind?. Who's a Freight Forwarder ? A freight forwarder is really a business or someone who is in the business of dispatching deliveries through numerous insurers like  ... [...more]

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How Pick the Right Freight Forwarder – What things to … – Fibonacci

A freight forwarder is a business or a person who's in the business of distributing shipments through different carriers like jets, vehicles, railroads, and shipping vessels. Among the primary characteristics of a freight forwarder is preparing the  ... [...more]

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